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A two-part interview with Don Hanson & Kate Dutra  of the Woof Meow Show(Melissa is a huge fan of the show, so being able to participate was quite the honor!)

Listen to Part 1: Factors to consider when getting a dog, rescues & breeders, and #HandsOnFirst

Listen to Part 2: Environmental considerations for urban dogs, topics found in Considerations, and why Melissa wrote this book.

This book is on a “Must Read” list of every breeder, rescue and animal shelter employee.
– Don Hanson, BFRAP, CDBC, CPDT-KA
Co-host of the ‘Woof Meow Show’

Julie Hill of Dog Cast Radio (a top-5 podcast for dog enthusiasts based in the UK) interviews Melissa regarding Considerations for the City Dog and #HandsOnFirst. Episode 161: 9/12/2015, run time 50:52


We owe it to our dogs to read this resource-rich, highly informative handbook.” – The Bark, Winter issue, 2015


“Considerations for the City Dog is not an owner’s manual. It is not Rocco’s story, nor Melissa McCue-McGrath’s. It is a book full of insight useful to dog owners, potential dog owners, dog lovers, and any curious body in between.
-Amy Swain, The Somerville Times
Somerville Author Considers The City Dog (10/9/2015)


But as she began learning the tricks of the trade, McCue-McGrath also started noticing that the problems faced by urban dog owners differed from those experienced by owners raising their pets in suburban or rural communities. For example: “The conventional advice for, say, a dog that’s barking and demanding and, like, ‘Pay attention to me!’ is to ignore it,” she explains. “But you can’t do that if you have a landlord that lives upstairs. Or neighbors.”

-Emily Cassel, Scout Somerville
Considerations for the City Dog Author Talks Raising Dogs in the ‘Ville(9/10/15)

Presentation for the Massachusetts Veterinary Technicians Association
“Coming to the Table: Bringing pet professionals together to better help our pets.” June 11th, 2015

Webinar hosted by the Pet Professional Guild 
“Intention, The Law and Rescue” 
Where good intentions of rescue and families intersect with the law and other pet professionals post adoption. Discusses the importance of #HandsOnFirst, why good intentions aren’t enough to save dogs, and the importance of defining “saved.”