Chapter List

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Introduction: Why This Book

Choosing the City Dog

Considerations for a Dog Budget

(EXCERPT: Choosing the City Dog)

Shelters and Rescues

Breeder or Rescue: Common Ground


The Commandments of Working with a Service Provider

Spay, Neuter, or Not?

Ditch the Dish!


Off-Leash Time
(EXCERPT: The Very Best Bad Dog)

Trainers, Consultants and Behaviorists
(EXCERPT: What IS A Behaviorist?)

Pugs, Not Drugs?

Harnesses, Head Collars and Choke Chains: Oh, My!

My Dog Won’t Walk!

A Note on Back Yards

Socialization and Body Language

The Multi-Pet Household

Temperature Considerations

Saying Goodbye


A Note on This Book


About Melissa