If you are considering getting a dog from a rescue, a breeder or a shelter, please educate yourself about #HandsOnFirst, laws in your state, and really assess what type of dog will work for you.

#HandsOnFirst is NOT about breeders vs. rescue. I know there are fantastic dogs that come from breeding operations and from rescue operations. I also meet dogs and families every single week who are struggling in the city with their new dog regardless of where it came from.

If anything can come out of my book, I hope this movement takes hold. We need to stop pinning breeders and the AKC against Rescues and Shelters. This isn’t about that. This is about finding the right dog, and how to give yourself the best possible shot at a lifetime bond.

If you are considering adopting a dog by trucking it to you, please watch 10 minutes of my presentation on the Pet Finder Loophole, and find out how to responsibly rescue a dog for your particular environment by subscribing to #HandsOnFirst.

If you agree that people should meet dogs prior to acquiring dogs, regardless of breeder or rescue group, please share this page, and support this movement by using the hashtag #HandsOnFirst wherever you feel appropriate.

Thank you.



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